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Trans Bahtera Indologistik freight forwarding and logistics company cargo handling specialist handle (import DDP including duty and taxes), Import & Export, Project Cargo, import-export DDU or DDP, Undername, Custom Clearance.

Trans Bahtera Indologistik is based in Jakarta Utara and we have over 6 years experience working as independent freight forwarding specialists. We provide a comprehensive range of transportation services and we always ensure that our solutions are cost effective and efficient. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to constantly provide reliable air freight services from the Jakarta, Indonesia to countries all over the world and we have now become one of the Indonesia leading freight forwarding specialists.

Using an intricate selection of professional sea freight, air freight and road freight forwarding services Trans Bahtera Indologistik can cater for the requirements of a variety of major companies. We also provide domestic clients with professional international removals services, shipping, transportation and storage services. Trans Bahtera Indologistik always ensures that all our clients are given the same level of professionalism and high standard services at the most competitive price.

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